Maple & Main, Sylvania 2016

It’s awesome seeing all the 📍You Are Here posters down Main Street in Sylvania advertising #MapleAndMain this weekend. Stop by the SCAC Booth at the intersection of Maplewood & Main. I’ll have our Vandercook No. 1 set up to print a limited run of souvenir posters. If you ask nicely, I’ll let you print your own! #Letterpress

I just got a little excited.

It’s taken more time and not exactly what I expected, but I’m just too excited about the color combinations coming together for posters I am working on for #Maple&Main 

I’m #YouMatter

             A little down and dirty, but #YouMatter. Recently I purchased several brass printing rings and I wanted to put them to use as quickly as possible. Each side of the ring has a differently weighted rule (or simply said, a thicker or thinner line).