Wedding First Impressions

Wedding stationery is the first impression for guests of your big day. It sets the tone starting with the Save the Date cards and goes all the way through the last Thank You is sent. Unmeasurable time and effort are put into the day itself. That's why I come along side you to help craft your vision of your stationery. It's personal to you. Everything from the feel of the paper, the way they look, and assuring the words chosen are representing your tone.

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Mary & Rob

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Rob is a graphic designer and came to me with the idea to incorporate some part of the church's iconic stain glass into their wedding stationery. Using photos that were taken, I drew a repeating pattern to use as a letterpress blind deboss. This technique is when the letterpress plate isn't inked but still makes an impression on the paper. Also the couple really wanted to incorporate type that is in my collection, so all pieces of the stationery (Save-the-Date, Invitation, Reply, Ceremony, Menu, Place Cards, Thank Yous, and Envelopes) utilize antique lead typeface, Canterbury (c.1920). This combination of materials, colors, patterns, patterns, and typeface made this stationery unique and remains as one of my favorites.

Carol Ann & David

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As with all my consultations, there is a large portion of the initial meeting that the couple and I discuss colors, feel of the wedding day, elements that are liked from a myriad of sources. During my meeting with the Carol Ann and David, David sat silent (not uncommon for the groom), but for whatever reason, I said "Okay David, I've heard what Carol Ann wants, what is something you're into right now?" I then learned all about the Fibonacci sequence. I accepted the challenge of incorporating it somehow, but didn't want to slap a conch shell into the design. I deepened my understanding of Fibonacci and based a grid system off the sequences, which I then used to hand set the type and place elements around the pages. These subtle touches the couple knows and are personal to them. They then had a story of how the cards were created to share with their guests.

Armisha & Annj

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With all invitations, they are very personal to the couple. This beautiful set highlights traditional Indian elements while reflecting the couples contemporary design style. I drew the lotus flower in a traditional style and had a letterpress plate made while incorporating it into the invitation with simple elegance repeating it throughout. Armisha found these great folios which held the reply, accommodations, and wedding events cards in a stepped fashion so each could be seen when opened.

Jackie & Justin

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Photos are a great way to show the couple and Jackie & Justin wanted to show their engagement photo on the Save the Date cards. This causes a problem with letterpress printing as the process breaks the photo into dots and details are lost. But when Jackie sent me the black and white photo, it gave me an idea to digitally print the photo and letterpress print the text around in two colors. This simple little trick gave them the unique stationery they wanted and it's truly a great incorporation of digital and antiquated technology for a stellar showpiece.