Sven Olaf Nelson Owner and Founder of PP&D

PP&D’s History

Where I’ve been and where I’m going.

I began printing while a graphic design student at Ball State University in 2001. I began my print shop with a small table-top proof press and a few drawers of type. I named my shop Pineapple Press in honor of my grandfather’s nickname – Pine. I operate a small print shop and operate from my home in Sylvania, Ohio.
I specialize in individual custom orders that are as unique as you. I do not offer a limited range of templates from which you must choose. Instead, I’ll partner with you to bring your unique vision to life. I also offer a limited supply of ready-to-ship stationery on my Etsy storefront.

Work We’re Proud Of

Odds, ends, and everything in between.

A Little About PP&D

An inside look at our own little piece of heaven.

You’re probably wondering “What is Letterpress?”

Letterpress printing is the way everything was printed from the 1400s until the 1950s. Letterpress is a relief method of printing that leaves an impression on the paper. The depth of that impression is what draws so many people to the “feel” of letterpress. Today’s printing methods cannot duplicate this impression and the imperfections that are inherent in letterpress printing. I am passionate about preserving this type of printing for the next generation. I print all my projects on a Chandler & Price printing press that was made in the 1940s. I use metal and wood typefaces and hand mix all of my inks. These methods combine to create an imperfect — yet personal and hand-crafted feel to the piece.

What I Offer

I offer a variety of services for a variety of clients. In some projects, I have artistic license to both design and print the piece. In other projects, I work closely with a graphic designer to achieve his or her vision. My clients are individuals who share my passion for the feel of paper and the personal touch of a hand-made greeting. I would be pleased to create your next stationery.


Custom Stationary

Wedding, Baby, Graduation, Personal Stationery, Holiday Greetings, Business Stationery, Printing Services for Graphic Designers


Local Retailers

Please call for additional details about carrying Pineapple Press & Design stationery in your boutique.



I offer introductory workshops for groups at your location. I’ve facilitated an Undergraduate workshop to graphic design students as well as a brief session for Pre-Kindergarten students. Please call for additional details.